Paris Museums

Looking for more tourist attractions in Paris, France?   We feature some more museums in this article, including the Dali Museum, Rodin Museum and the Asian Arts Museum.


Dali Museum 

11 rue Poulbot 75018 Paris
Telephone Number: +33 1 42 64 40 10

This gallery features sculpture by Spanish artist Salvadore Dali.  The museum has two sections, the Espace Dali Gallery, and the Montmartre Gallery.  Bronze sculptures featured in the galleries include the following: Alice in Wonderland, The Birdman, Homage to Newton, Homage to Terpsichore, The Snail and the Angel, and more.


Rodin Museum

79 rue de Varenne

Situated in Hotel Biron, this museum features sculptures by Auguste Rodin, as well as other art objects he created or owned.  Other art materials in the complex include drawings, prints, paintings, photographs and classic arts.  The museum has other facilities including a chapel, a garden and a cafe.


Paris Asian Arts Museum

6, Place d’Léna, Paris 16e

This museum houses collections by industrialist Emile Guilet, and other collections.  Artworks featured include Chinese art, Indian art, Southeast Asian art, Serindian Art, Greco-Buddhist art, and Japanese art.

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